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AE Fond Kiss

Ae Fond Kiss is an emotional romantic drama set in the south side of Glasgow, Scotland. Directed by Ken Loach, this film portrays Casim Khan, the son of a takeaway fast food shop selling hot food such as pizzas, burgers and kebabs. Casim is playerd by played by Atta Yaqub, and he is a fully insured food delivery driver but He has high hopes for one day owning his own club with his close friend Hammid, and he shares a nice relationship with his Muslim parents, Tariq and Sadia, and his siblings. Even though Casim was born and raised in Britain, his parents were from Pakistan. His dad had a twin brother, who chose to stay in India. Casimís parents were very conservative and wanted their children to marry Muslim spouses. They have been the victims of religious attacks that were race-related and were carried out by whites in their area, so they definitely do not want a Caucasian in the family.

As by custom, Khanís parents have arranged for him to marry his striking cousin, Jasmine, which he has accepted. Casimís pleased father consumes much of his free time working on the couples future home. Rukhsana, Casimís older sister, is then arranged by his parents to marry Amar, who is a talented young scientist who has a good family. Things are indeed going well for Casim. Little does Khan know, his life is about to change and will never be the same again.

Casim is called to the school of his rebellious younger sister, Tahara, played by Shabana Bakhsh, to deal with a problem. While at the school, he encounters Taharaís music teacher, Roisin Hanlon, played by Eva Birthistle. Casim and Roisin are instantly fascinated with each other and they are soon in love and begin a secret and forbidden romance. Casim knows that despite his arranged marriage, that his parents would never accept his relationship with Roisin. She is white, Irish, and Catholic. Casim and Roisin are spending most of their time together, taking a romantic vacation to Spain. He is quickly lying to his parents, telling them that he is away on business. Casim has very conflicted emotions. He feels guilty being deceitful to his family. He wants to be a loyal son, but he cannot ignore his heart. The pair try to determine if their love is strong enough to withstand the consequences of their relationship. Things then begin to unravel for the couple. He makes the difficult decision to inform his parents about his bond with Roisin. He cancels his engagement and is hated by his father. Tahara then is not accepted by her classmates as she tries to find out who she really is. Because Casimís relationship brings dishonor to the family, Rukhsanaís fiancť abandons her, leaving her heartbroken. Rukhsana goes to try to persuade Roisin to get out of their lives, but she turns her down. In the meantime, Roisin is asked to obtain a letter of approval from the priest in order to keep her job. He declines unless she quits seeing Casim. She ultimately is faced with not only losing her job, but also being disowned by the Catholic church because they considered her relationship with a Muslim man as being immoral. Casimís family decides to take action, bringing this film to a powerful finish.

This film encompasses the conflict not only between Muslim and Christian, but also between cultures, ages, and beliefs. The title is from a poem by Robert Burns. Released in 2004, it won many awards at the Berlin Film Festival.